You are about to get your music mixed!

You’ve worked hard to get your music to this point.

Now, let’s make sure YOU stand out.

We are a team and I am on your side to work with you. Remember, we both want the music we present to be the best that it can be.
This proposal will detail how I may be able to help you. With a review of your rough mix or tracks/stems, I’m looking at what I may want to bring to your music.
Hopefully this will be straight forward, but, as always, you can ask.

What you get.

What’s included at the quoted rate.


It’s what you hired me for! I will take you tracks and massage them with EQ, compression, color, and space until your music feels exciting and focused.

What else is included

Generally considered part of the production process but is included to take your song over the top.


Not part of the mixing process- I include this at times as additional production.
The quote will include some light editing as needed, vocal tightening and tuning.
There will be a second option for you that will include some additional instrumentation/production lightly added for enhancement beyond what mixing can provide. 

The Process

How does this work and how long will it take?

The Proposal

You’re reading it!
 This gives you a detailed overview of what is included, what is not included, what to expect, the timeline, the investment, the next steps 
and the terms & conditions.


Once you’ve looked everything over and are feeling good, you can click the link at the end of this proposal to put 50% down.


Once the deposit is paid, and I’ve received your files, work will commence at my earliest availability. 
Keep in mind that no dates are guaranteed until your deposit and files are received.


Sometime before your scheduled start date, you’ll need to send me your track files.
 If you are unsure how to prepare your tracks for delivery for mixing, just ask. I’d be happy to help you.
If tracks aren’t received promptly or there is a problem with your files, it may delay your project.


At this stage, I’ll be diving into the fun part. When I feel that the first mix is in a good place, you’ll receive an mp3 to review.


The revision process typically goes…

1. You receive the review mp3

2. Review your mix and compile a single list of revisions.

(Turn the left guitar down, Swell the lead at xx:xx)

3. I’ll work on your revision requests and then send a new review mp3.

4. Rinse and repeat for rounds 2 and 3.

By round 3, 99% of artist are stoked about the mixes and are ready for master file delivery. If you find that you need additional revisions, they can be worked out for a flat hourly rate. Additionally, I am available for virtual sessions in which I can stream my mix to you.

Note: If I make an error, the resulting revision is free.

Final Payment and Delivery

We made it! After you pay the remainder of your balance, you’ll receive a link to download your masters, whether they are ready for release or ready to send to mastering.

How long will this take?

The process for one song is usually under a week from the delivery of the first mix to delivery of final mix.
You can reasonably expect to receive the first mix within 48 hrs of your scheduled mix. Additional production will increase this time.
The biggest factor in total time is the revision process. The quicker you get revisions to me, the quicker turn around can be.

Bigger projects will take longer, however, the revision process is still what takes the longest.

Your investment

What you’ve been waiting for…

Mixing and Mastering

$275 – 50% deposit.

Please contact me if you are in need of additional services not listed in this proposal.

Terms and Conditions

I keep them simple.


Deposits have a limited refund policy. I’m not out to steal your money but I do respect mine and your time. Refunds are non-refundable when projects are cancelled less than 48 hours before your scheduled session. Refunds are transferable only in the case of rescheduling.


Things come up, life happens. If you need to reschedule please let me know ASAP and we can work something out.

If rescheduling becomes a run around, I reserve the right to cancel your project and you will forfeit your deposit.

Hidden Fees


Any additional cost will be discussed with you and are limited to additional services and fees related to the success of your project.

Let's get started!

If all looks good to you, here’s what you do next.

1. Pay the deposit by clicking below.

2. Receive your guide to prepping your files
3. Upload your tracks.

Let's get started!

Deposit is $137.50

Paying your deposit signifies your agreement to the terms of services.

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